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New Business Group was born several years ago, from the idea of providing marketing professionals with technological and innovative products. Our consolidated experience in the fields of Advanced Communication and Marketing, together with many years of activity in the fields of Printing, Paper Converting and Import of high-tech raw materials, have enabled us to understand the importance of providing companies or insiders of the advertising world, always new products, able to compete with the growing needs of modern communication and the challenges that unequivocally mark the rhythm of the new economy.

Our idea was to create a “responsive” structure able to contain within it two important realities.

On one side, the purchasing department in China managed by Italian technicians, whose task is to select products and suppliers  to ensure new ideas, quality of electronic components at the highest levels of the sector, and short delivery times of raw materials.

On the other side, the Italian headquarters in Verona, with the production unit, which profiting by the peerless and undeniable plus of Italian paper converting, together with a continuously replenished components warehouse, guarantee the quality of the finished product at the highest level and very fast delivery terms.

In addition, the inner production of paper converting of various products and the direct assembly of the same, allows New Business Group to place itself on the market with a unique and adaptable offer to the individual needs of the customer in every single detail of the product.

That’s why to choose New Business Group as a supplier of high-tech communication products it’s very important:

  • because we carefully check with Italian technicians, the Chinese purchase of electronic components, which will constitute the “heart” of the finished products (display, buttons, speaker, batteries);
  • because we assemble the finished product in Italy, with Italian paper production, adapting ourselves on request to any specific requirement of the customer;
  • because the department store of electronic components that we have in Verona, allows us to guarantee extremely rapid deliveries;
  • because you speak directly with the manufacturer  and not with a sales agent;
  • because we provide an Italian guarantee of a Made in Italy product;
  • because we can evaluate custom payment formulas.